Jaw Cysts

They are abnormal pathological formations that can develop in the soft tissue and/or any part of the bones in the jaws. Without intervention, they tend to grow in the area where they are located.

Symptoms of jaw cysts are seen in some patients, but not in others. Pain, swelling in the area where it is located, limitation in opening the mouth, inflammatory discharge into or out of the mouth, numbness in the relevant area due to compression of the cyst’s relationship with the nerve, shaking of the teeth in the area where the cyst is located, burning complaints in the area, caries and root tip inflammations in the teeth are the most common symptoms of jaw cysts.

Cysts can be diagnosed with panoramic radiographs and 3-dimensional tomographs, and a definitive diagnosis is made with pathological examination following the treatment.

Cysts should be treated surgically by oral and maxillofacial surgery specialists as soon as possible.